P U B L I C  O F F E R

(about the bonus system)


This offer is a public offer to join the bonus system offered by “Ferako” LLC (hereinafter also referred to as the Company), which is state registered in the Republic of Armenia, under the conditions specified in the offer.

The offer is posted on the Company’s www.genatsvale.am on the website (hereinafter also the Website), is public and is aimed at an indefinite range of consumers who meet the conditions defined therein. At the same time, the offer does not in any way constrain the Company and does not oblige it to fulfill the application of every person who meets the specified conditions, and the Company is free to determine the necessity and expediency of fulfilling the application.

The terms attached to this offer are an integral part of this offer.

Each Participant of the bonus system accepts this offer and its conditions by virtue of continuing (not terminating) his participation in the system, therefore the offer and the conditions attached to it apply to all Participants of the bonus system, regardless of any circumstances.

If the offer is posted on the website in other languages, the content in the Armenian language takes precedence over any other language.


1.1 The concepts and definitions presented below in all their forms in this offer are applied with the interpretation presented below:

  • Parties – the Company and the Consumer.
  • Legislation – a set of legislative and sub-legislative acts of the Republic of Armenia, according to the provisions of the Law of the Republic of Armenia “On Normative Legal Acts”, as well as the provisions of international treaties ratified by the Republic of Armenia.



2.1 The parties have the rights and obligations defined by this offer and the Legislation.

2.2 The details of the offer are set out in the attached terms and conditions, which form an integral part of the offer.

2.3 The Consumer agrees that the Company has the right to use the Consumer’s personal data, including to transfer them to other persons, in order to ensure the fulfillment of the rights and obligations defined by the offer or arising from it, including for the purpose of sending (delivering to the Consumer) notifications, messages and materials with other legal content. :


3.1 The parties are released from responsibility for the breach of their duty, if it happened due to force majeure, that is, due to the existence of an unpreventable and unforeseeable circumstance in the given situation, which arose or caused insurmountable consequences after the acceptance of the offer by the Consumer and made it impossible to properly fulfill any duty.

3.2 In the event of force majeure circumstances, the deadlines for fulfilling the obligations of the Parties are postponed proportionally to the time of the effect of those circumstances and their consequences, and the obligations that have become impossible to fulfill at all cease.


4.1 The offer is considered accepted and has legal consequences for the Parties from the moment it is accepted by the Consumer, the Company satisfies the Consumer’s request and the Consumer joins the bonus system.




of bonus system 

Bonus system



1.1 Bonus (cumulative) system – a program aimed at rewarding customers of Genatsvale public catering facilities managed by the Company, subject to certain conditions. The process is carried out by placing orders by phone or on the site, the order of which is determined by this procedure. Control over compliance with this procedure is carried out by the Central Office.

1.2 When making purchases by the Member by phone or on the website, bonus points are accumulated corresponding to the size of the transaction and the type of product purchased. Using bonus points, you can make purchases on the website of the Genatsvale tavern network and by calling the phone number indicated on the website.

1.3 The Company reserves the right to terminate the bonus system at any time by notifying all System Participants one month in advance. As part of this procedure, the Company may notify Participants by posting public information on the website www.genatsvale.am (hereinafter referred to as the Website) or on the Genatsvale tavern network Facebook page, or by sending messages to the Participant’s mobile phone number, which is considered proper notification. Proper notice to the company is considered secured if it has been notified by any (even one) method provided for by this procedure.


2.1 Members of the bonus system can be those customers who have made a purchase through the site or by phone indicated on the site at least two purchases from the same phone number (indicating on the site or calling) within one calendar month, for  amount of 15 000 drams and more.

2.2 To participate, it will be necessary to inform the employee of the Company’s call center, stating the name, surname, patronymic and date of birth of the Participant. An employee of the Company will check and contact the client within seven days to inform the Company of the answer. In case of a positive answer, the Participant gets the opportunity to accumulate bonus points, which are tied to his phone number.


3.1 Bonus points are calculated as follows:

Ø for each purchase, 3% of the purchase price is accumulated.

3.2 When making a purchase on the site, the buyer must enter his phone number in the appropriate field. If it is registered in the bonus system, points are awarded automatically.

3.3 When making purchases by phone, points are automatically attached to the phone number from which the purchase is made, if this number is registered in the bonus system. Identification of the phone number occurs automatically both when ordering on the site and when making a call.


4.1 The Member can pay for purchases with the accumulated bonus points only by means of a phone call. The use of bonus points is carried out only from the points account linked to the phone number of this call. The Client is obliged to go through the identification procedure, indicating the name, surname, patronymic and date of birth of the Participant to the employee of the Company’s call center, after which the latter organizes the payment process in accordance with the internal procedure of the Company.


5.1 The Company reserves the right to cancel the accumulated bonus points without prior notice to the Participant on the basis of clause 4.1 of this procedure, and also if the Participant does not make purchases through the website or the call center of the Genatsvale network for 3 consecutive months and/ or does not use the accumulated bonus points.